The WLA-SCS:2016 consists of two parts that specify the minimum controls necessary for the effective management of security and integrity in a lottery and gaming organization. The first part (Annex A – General Security and Integrity Control Objectives and Controls) incorporates the ISO/IEC 27001 compliance within a global scope, with a further 23 WLA basic controls adjoined. The second part (Annex B – Lottery and Gaming Specific Security and Integrity Control Objectives and Controls) furnishes an additional 114 lottery and gaming-specific security and integrity controls representing current best practice.

The WLA-SCS:2016 incorporates new sector-specific controls for the secure operation of Internet and interactive sales and gaming services as well as the secure handling of gaming operations. WLA-SCS:2016 replaced the previous version of the standard, WLASCS:2012, and all other versions released prior to the 2012 edition.

In the WLA-SCS:2016 a total of 26 additional checks were added, including:

  • On Lottery Draws (L2) to specify the parameters specific to electronic draws.
  • On Digital Sales Channels and Interactive Services (L6) in order to take into account the digital developments of recent years and in particular to secure remote digital interactive payments.
  • On Sports Betting (L7) in order to reinforce the existing controls in the face of an activity that is experiencing significant growth and at the same time generates major risks for the integrity of sport.

To visualize the evolution and the additions that characterize the 2016 version compared to 2012, download the document here below:

The WLA-SCS:2016 documentation is available in the four official WLA languages. Download here below the language version you prefer.